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Source:Risewell Date:2018-05-15 

DEBO team is pleasured to take part in 2018 YAPI-TURKEYBUILD in Istanbul during May 8-12, 2018.

This time, we mainly showcased our new product--- DEBO Compact Fiberboard and DEBO Clean Anti-fingerprint HPL and Compact Laminate to Turkish market.

DEBO Compact Fiberboard is a durable compact density board. With an upper density of ≥1200kg/m3. DEBO Compact Fiberboard equips similar technical properties of well-known Compact Grade thick HPL, making it suitable for moisture environment or in applications requiring resistance to impact and stain. -澳门js最新网站-正版金沙3777.com

DEBO Compact Clean is featured with “clean touch” surface, which is super MATT and has very low light reflectivity. Meanwhile, it offers an extremely soft touch, expressing a pleasant contact to people. The Anti – fingerprint also adds additional advantage to this product.-澳门金沙游艺场9159